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» » » How to Buy FIFA World Cup 2018 Tickets Online?

FIFA world cup 2018 is starting from 14th June 2018. Football fans are so excited to watch the FIFA world cup 2018. There are fans who are preparing for going to Russia to watch match live in the stadium and cheer for their favorite team.

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Tickets of FIFA world cup 2018:-

To watch match in stadium in Russia of FIFA world cup 2018, the fans has to book tickets for it. They can book their tickets through FIFA’s official website. FIFA revealed that the sales of the tickets will divided into two phases and which are then divided into two stages.

The two stages are, first is “Random Selection Draw” and the second is “First Come First Served”. Booking dates of tickets of the FIFA world cup 2018 are given below-

Phase-1 :-

  • Random Selection Draw period:- 14th September to 12th October 2017, results announced on 16 November.
  • First Come First Served period:- 16th November to 28th November 2017
During the phase-1, which ran from 14th September to 12th October all applicants had the same chance of getting FIFA world cup 2018 match tickets through a “ Random Selection Draw” and the result announced on 16th November.

At this point, Fans were applying to the certain match and venues without having the knowledge of which teams will be playing.
The second stage of the phase-1 ran from 16th November to 28th November, in this stage a “First Come First Serve” policy applies for the remaining allocation of tickets being sold in this window.

Phase-2 :-

  • Random Selection Draw period:-  5th December to 31st January 2018.
  • First Come First Served period:-  13th March to 3rd April 2018.
During the phase-2, process will be same as phase-1. But in the phase-2 fans will know which team they are applying to see, because the World Cup Draw is made before the 5th December.

The second stage of phase-2 that is “First Come First Serve” will be start on 13th March and ends on 3rd April 2018. In this stage, tickets being allotted on a First Come First Serve basis.

Last Minute Sales Phase:-

  • There will be a Last Minute Sales Phase, which will run from 18th April to 15th July 2018 (The day of World Cup 2018 Final).

How to Apply for the tickets online?:-

FIFA World Cup 2018 tickets can be Book through FIFA Official Website. Fan can apply for Individual match tickets, tickets for specific venues or ticket stripes to follow the national team of their choice during the group stage matches.

“We have put in place a ticketing system that will enable all fans a fair chance to secure tickets,” FIFA secretary General Fatma samoura proclaimed.

According to FIFA, 3,496,204 applications were made in the first phase.


There are four ticket price categories for FIFA world cup 2018. In these four categories, category-1, category-2 and category-3 will be available to fans across the world through the online ticket sales. On the other hand, category-4 is reserved for the Russian residents and will consist of at least 3,50,000 tickets to be sold to local fans.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Tickets Online

Price Category:-

The table below given is of price category of FIFA world cup 2018 Russia. (The given price in the price categories is in US Dollars).

Cat 1
Cat 2
Cat 3
Cat 4*
Opening match (1)
Group matches (2 to 48)
Round of 16 (49 to 56)
Quarter-finals (57 to 60)
Semi-finals (61 to 62)
3rd/4th place match (63)
Final (64)

Category 4 *: This lowest-priced category is reserved for Russian citizens.

Note:-  for all the all information of the price of the tickets, please visit FIFA’s official website.

Collection of tickets:-

Tickets allocated during Phase-1 and Phase-2 will be couriered to the address of applicant. Deliveries of world cup 2018 tickets are expected to start in April-May. The remaining ticket can be collected from FIFA Venue ticketing Centers in all host cities of the FIFA world cup2018 prior to and during the tournament. For security point of view, tickets cannot be collected at the stadium on Match Days.

Identification needed:-

All the football fans who are going to the Russia for FIFA worldcup 2018 must apply for a FAN ID: a free Official identity required by the Russian authorities. Without the FAN ID, spectator will not be allowed into the stadium during the tournament. This FAN ID has benefits such as visa free entry to the Russian federation. Moreover, free use of public transport on match days.

FIFA world cup 2018 will begin on 14th June 2018, when the host nation Russia will play the opening match of the tournament at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow.

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